HRT supplements

Our clinic offers supplements specifically formulated to meet the needs of aging men and women. All of our supplements have been the third party tested for potency and purity.

Several different modes of administration exist, including:

  • Pills/Tablets

Oral administration is quite common and involves the ingestion of a tablet at a dosage level and schedule established by your doctor.

  • Gels

Gels are absorbed into your body and bloodstream through your skin.

  • Skin Patches

Patches are positioned at various points in your skin and replaced every few days. Like gels, patches enable therapeutic amounts of estrogen and testosterone to enter your body through the skin.

  • Implants

Hormonal implants are fitted under your skin and administer therapeutic dosages over a period typically lasting several months.

  • Injections

This form of therapy involves receiving shots directly into a vein resulting in immediate entry of needed hormones into your bloodstream.

Before considering and/or beginning a therapeutic regiment of hormone administration, it is to consult with your doctor. Certified Consultation